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Board of directors


Export Manager

Centralizing your purchases through EPRL Nutrition allows you the possibility of covering all your needs with the wide range of FMCG Quality products, with the guarantee of a proper delivery and competitive closed price. Enjoy working with a supplier able to centralize and coordinate the provision of a variety of products of all kinds, avoiding intermediaries and time delays.


Purchase manager

We centralize and distribute at no additional charge our catalog product adapting to the requirements and needs of our customers. In this work, we located the products from leading international brands, including confectionery, groceries, soft drinks, beer, spirits etc.. thereby facilitating marketing to our customers.

Warnke Stefan

Managing Director, CEO

In a globalized environment like today, EPRL Nutrition offers the best FMCG products, varied quality designed for all markets. Our commitment if real, comprehensive trade and service solutions for the core of our business- from purchase procurement right through to delivery.
EPRL Nutrition offers customer-specific products solutions.



EPRL Nutrition has the necessary resources to undertake any project for our customers, providing high volume merchandise to various countries, mainly due to the economic strength that allows one of the leading distributors in Europe.


Export Denomination of origin, S.L is a FMCG brands export company that provides and supply strategies for importers and wholesalers. We specialize in main European and international brands on parallel market for established retailers in order to streamline their business and open new markets. As exporters, our unique insight is bringing products and services where our customers need them, enabling them to become more competitive and gain market share.

Our wide range of products and our professional service ensures that importers, purchase platforms and wholesalers have the best purchase options what gives them more sales possibilities and better range available in the market.


In a global customer market, wholesalers/exporters must be prepared to offer customers any type of service, which required you to be prepared to supply goods from anywhere in Europe directly to destination.
In EPRL Nutrition we have the best international shipping companies, managing air, sea and road traffic. From any port of airport in Europe to any destination In the world, where quality of service is fully guaranteed. Any advantage to cut costs and reduce delivery times to our customers is a mandatory task to our company.