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About Company

EPRL Nutrition BV is the import/ export division of FMCG EPRL BV Company.

All our offices and warehouses are in the Netherlands.

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The security offered working with a strong supplier with a full range of products and with the advantage of having a global infrastructure in a global environment and we channel the needs of our customers , offering all the services from start to finish of every transaction available.


The trust of having a wide range of products, all European Manufacturing and under the most stringent quality controls, confidence that in any ways may acquire fake products as our suppliers and manufacturers are highly recognized.


Being a leader in Netherlands and leader in marketing product marketing in Europe gives us access to major brands. The internationally recognized, most representative brands are part of our catalog. In order to offer the best quality and service to our customers.


Experience of been work in this market for more than six years, with thousands of tons sold and delivered. With the formalities and more stringent customs documents, with clients around the world, Uruguay, Russia, Singapore, New Zealand, The US, Kenya and many more and with the security, confidence and leadership that only a company like us can give.

A Careful product and professional producer’s selection behind EPRL Nutrition have enabled us to offer a wide range of quality products with competitive prices.

As integrators of products and services, we offer all kinds of options for all type of clients, from importers and wholesalers to major international supermarket chains.
To carry out our business, we select products manufactured by the world’s leading companies; this is the way to ensure the merchandise is original.


Our goal Is customer satisfaction, so our level of commitment is maximum.
One supplier tat centralizes and coordinates the provision of a wide range of FMCG products, avoiding intermediaries and time delays, monitoring the supply contracts for our clients.


To be a consolidated leader on the parallel exporter FMCG Industry, giving the advantage to supply a wide range of products to be export to almost any country worldwide. The main goal of EPRL nutrition is to export where customers need to take advantage with variety and get the best delivery time.